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October 11, 2006


David N

For some reason when I transferred this post over to the New Blog (The Inkling Chronicles) the comments that had been under the post disappeared. I am going to try to reconstruct the comments by reposting them below (with a note on the original date that the comment was posted)


[originally posted on 10/11/06]

Beautiful drawings. This was the first time I heard about Tissa David. Thanks for sharing these drawings and information. Blogs are just great..


David Nethery

[originally posted on 10/11/06] --


I've added a link to a short biography on Tissa from Michael Sporn's studio site.


Michael Sporn

[originally posted on 10/12/06] --

Hi David:

You've inspired me to go thumbing thru my Raggedy Ann material. I'll try to post some things these next few days. The art is all so large, I'll probably go for the material I can scan with one or two joins.


[originally posted on 10/19/06] --

I love Tissa's drawing. Always have, always will.

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