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November 11, 2007


Will Finn

Dave, what a flurry of fine stuff to review. Envy pangs for that letter from Chuck Jones....
I remember that younger you from decades ago when I was a younger me, too.
Zlatko Giric made one of my favorite shorts; HOT STUFF. I think he did "Baron Balthazarr" for Chuck Jones' CURIOSTIY SHOP TV show. Does anybody know if those are available? They were great.


Hey, Will,

Yeah, Zlatko directed and animated "Hot Stuff" which is also a favorite of mine. It used to run on the PBS Animation show with some other great NFB and various European shorts, which is where I first saw it. Zlatko died much too young. Zack lived to a ripe old age (90) , but I'm still always a little surprised he's gone when I think about him... I'm glad to say that Kaj Pindal just celebrated his 80th birthday as reported on Mark Mayerson's blog and is still going strong. http://mayersononanimation.blogspot.com/2007/11/kaj-pindals-8th-birthday-celebration.html I had forgotten about "Baron Balthazarr" on the CURIOSITY SHOP . I have no idea if those are available (time to go do a search over on YouTube).


Shoudn't the bottle that Katzenrocks is holding say "Diet Cactus Juice"? LOL

Mitchel Kennedy

Kaj's train is still operational!! I was at his place last year, and that train blew me away. I'm still amazed at how he could magically change tracks -- it's like the train was just an extension of his own body. It's completely insane to look at all of the effort and thinking he put into making that very complex train system.

That day, to Amir Avni and I, he said: "A train that can't change tracks is like a film you can't edit."


Nik looked so crazy back then :)) and the flinstones caricature is really cool.

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