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September 11, 2008


Tim Hodge

Hey Dave, I told you (in the comment on my blog) I didn't know anyone in this photo personally except you, but I was wrong. I just noticed Barry Temple standing smack dab in the middle. He looks the same at any age.
There are several other faces I recognize, (Bruce Smith, Mark Kausler, Dave Spafford, etc), but since my animation career existed primarily in Florida, I never got a chance to work with them.

Simon W-H

I can see MattO'Callaghan, Frans Vischer and Bruce Smith there...unless I'm very much mistaken.

David Nethery

Good spotting, Simon. Correct on all counts. This reminds me I need to get around to posting ID's for everyone in this photo.

Ed Murrieta

Cheers from Ed Murrieta - This photo brings back memories galore - Thanks Dave, it's been a long time - Ed

David Nethery

Hi, Ed,

Thanks for dropping by. Good to hear from you !


For anyone who's interested: Ed Murrieta is in the above crew photo about smack dab in the middle , in the second row of standing people , between Bruce Smith and Barry Temple, with Matt O'Callahan directly above, next to the second column on the stairs.

Bill Palinginis


I am uncle of Gilda Palinginis, who is no longer in this world. I would like to get in touch with any of her friends who can enlighten me with her life in LA amongst all her friends and collegues who loved the same profession "Animation and Film". I would like to update her Bio and perhaps publish it on Animation Guild or relevant professional websites. Any suggestions are welcome.

thank you in advance.

Regards, Bill Palinginis

David Nethery

Hello, Bill,

Gilda was such a wonderful, kind, talented woman. I was very saddened to hear of her passing a few years ago.

I will look through my photos to see if I have any other photos of Gilda from the time I knew her at Disney and if so I will email them to you. I'll also pass along your contact information to other former Disney Animation colleagues who would have memories and/or photos and drawings by or about Gilda to share with you.


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