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September 03, 2008


Mitchel Kennedy

WOW to see Oakville from so long ago! The trees have certainly grown quite a bit, especially around White Oaks Blv., where the apartments are (my beloved old apartment!). The town has certainly been 'developed' quite a bit, which cookie cutter houses filling up EVERY street, and EVERY field shown in that aerial photo.

Looks like Sheridan didn't have its residence, or its gym yet! This is cooool to see.


What an unexpected place to see Tahsin's name pop out! He was not only Animation Director at "Werner - beinhart!" but also the teacher of our small bunch of beginning animators (Berlin 1990). The weekly lesson was christend "Hangover nursing hour" by him because it was on monday morning - I should have a copy of his lettering of that slogan somewhere.


Wow! They still used a lot of those images for the info in the 1990's! I graduated from ISSA in 1997. Almost no one knows about the ISSA program anymore - I think they discontinued it in 1999? It was pretty intense, alright...

Tom Beakbane

Thanks for posting this fascinating (but amazingly ugly) brochure.

You can see the impact of computers on brochure design since 1981. Back then they would have been cutting rubies and using stat cameras. The result to today's eyes looks clunky.

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