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Hey David,

Looks great! Love the energetic rough lines and you definitely got some good expression going on too. I know exactly what you mean by having a hard time loosening up on your drawings. I've struggled with that for a long time. Always wanna just clean up this one little line here.....and this one........and this one too, untill you got a very nice and clean line, but in the same time killed the energy in your drawing.

Take care and have a great day,


Ben Reynolds

WOW!! your work is AMAZING..such awesome design and beautiful fluidity to the drawings...I will visit often now..very inspiring!!

nick Sung

Hi Dave--
Yeah, it's tough, trying to convey an honest emotion in all of its intensity; keep fighting the good fight! Nice drawing and great post--thanks for your kind comment!

James Elston

Hey Dave,
nice blog you got here.

hope you're doing well!


Well, you're doing a great job. Your stuff is solid, expressive and appealing.
Good work.

Tom Bancroft

Nice Job Dave! I love your little characters! You do great on the expressions too! This one and the dog a couple blogs back are really great! I just put my book in the mail for you, tell me when you get it! Loves!


You have Great blog!!!!:O)

sam fleming


wonderful work on the ruff stuff. i love it. i hope to see something animated from you in this 'intensity' style. there's alot of character in those lines.

David Nethery


When I get some spare time I'm going to start finishing up some animation tests and posting them (at work we're in crunch time until we hit our deadline around the end of July) .


Thank you very much for your kind comment. Your have a great blog , too. I love the work you've done on the Prince Vladimir animated feature (posted on the Russian Insider blog and on your own blog) , and your personal work. I'm very interested to see the Prince Vladimir film when it is released in the United States (when?) .

Everyone else , (Tom, Jimbo, Nick, Ben, Hans) your encouraging comments are much appreciated . I enjoy looking at your guy's stuff , too. I'm loving this animation blogger network. Sorry I haven't replied on here until now. Like I said to Sam, I've been in a crunch time at work , so I haven't been checking in here very much lately.


No idea Dave.I know they definitely want.I don't know when.:o(

Kent Culotta

Hey Dave!
Wow, I really like your blog. Your drawings are wonderful, and your post are very interesting. I'm so glad you found my blog. I was just wondering where you were these days!

You have great taste in music too! ;0)


David N

Kent !

I'm glad you saw my comment on your blog . I was hoping you'd make it over this way .

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