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Robert Corley

Hey, thanks for the kind words on my blog! I appreciate the feedback and your welcome to came back and visit anytime! I love you animal drawings. You'd think you were an animator! Great stuff my friend.


Hey David,

Great expression again, really tells the story well! Said it before and I'll say it again, I love your lines! Very vivid and energetic.
Haven't heard much from Eddie lately, hope he's ok. How's things coming along with the Cecropia game? and yes, we definitely have to hook up someday soon and meet for a few drinks. Maybe the weekend after next or so. Let me know:)

Take care,


David N


Things are going well on the Cecropia project ; we are in crunch time, racing towards our deadline. Insane deadline, extremely busy. That's probably why you haven't heard much from Eddie . (I keep him very, very busy! Actually, I couldn't have made it through this project without him ; he's one of the main reasons this project is getting done on time.)

Let us know about the weekend after next ... email me . Would love to get together and also show you the Cecropia studio.

Victor Ens

Incredible work!!
All these fantastic drawings !
Wonderful Blog !!
I had lost your link, but fortunately you made a comment at Matt's Blog. I'm very glad you did.
Keep it up, man :-)



well, amazing drawings, expression,whaoooooo!
Love it! I add your blog in my favorites!
I'll check back soon!!!

super genial!!!




This looks rather personal. You waiting on an important call, my friend?

David N

Oh, yeah... it's personal.


*whistles* fluiid and furry, thats one heck of a combination. I really love the way you tackle the animals !

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