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Laura K

Yes, the colors are beautiful in Safari!

This just means that more folks have a reason to use a Mac. :^)

David N

Laura, I'd tend to say that's true (about Macs in general, and Safari specifically) , but usually Firefox does everything Safari does just as well as Safari does it (like rendering colors and style sheets on web pages). In this case I must have done something odd in how I saved it because when I look at some of the other drawings I've posted in the past , the colors look identical in Safari and Firefox . (even stinky ol' Internet Explorer 5.2 which usually makes a mess of my blog) . Is a puzzlement.

Alan Cook

I really like this a lot Dave!

Post more drawings!


Your Cintiq must be a higher quality than mine. Your drawings come out much better: more life, more dynamic poses, more appealing design, etc, etc, etc....

Nice work, Dave.


Love this! Share more, please!

Tom Dow

Really nice drawing, lots of character! Oh, the irony... Firefox does not like the fox. PNG files look even worse. Try saving it as a GIF instead. The trouble is that you are limited to 256 colors. The other option would be to load it into Flash and save it as a SWF. Overkill, but at least you are guaranteed a color match on any browser.

The problem must boil down to differences in programming. Not much we can do about it, if that's the case.


Hi! I really like your blog. It's always pleasure to see high-quality content in internet these days.

There's a difference in colours between Safari (WebKit framework) and other browsers. Safari has built-in colour management, i.e it takes use of colour profiles in image files, while non-WebKit browsers cannot. Your fox image has a custom sRGB-profile, which is embedded in jpeg file.

You can try to work with some common colour profile in Photoshop and fix colours, then use web export to exclude profile file. That's it if you want to better serve all browsers with jpegs. I wouldn't do so - maybe I'd give 24-bit png a try.

Sorry if my explanation is too tech, ask if there's anything unclear. Happy new year 2007!


I'm going out of my mind reading and observing your sites...this is far better a blog than I have run across in a while.

I feel like I can really give this animation a go with all the helpful info your giving here. Thanks so much and keep posting!


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