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Perhaps you could benefit from a monitor calibrator. There are some fairly inexpensive ones now that work quite well. This is how most studios keep things looking correct.
Also I'm curious why you colored in Photoshop?
Nice design.

David N

I was imprecise in my description: drawn in Mirage , started the coloring in Mirage , finished off in Photoshop because I find that I can control the gradient tool better in PS. I'm still more acclimated to PS for coloring than Mirage. Prefer drawing in Mirage and I just need to work with it more to get used to coloring with it.

I've calibrated the monitor a couple of times. The mystery to me is why the colors look vivid in Safari , but dulled down in Firefox .


Ahh...was just wondering how you approached the coloring. As for the color it looks the same here in both Foxfire and Internet Explorer. I wonder if Safari is reading monitor color calibration settings. Does the color in Safari look like it did in PS? Because I'm sure you are using calibration settings in PS.

David N

Yes, the color looks exactly the same when viewed in Safari as in Photoshop.
I guess Safari must be set up to read color profiles embedded in image files.


Thank you for the comment in my blog! :D
I have a similar problem with my own color. Well.. my main problem is that when I print my illustrations, they come out much darker and more saturated than they are on my computer monitor. As a result, my teachers think I'm a horrible colorist! Yikes!

Really endearing drawing though. :) I wanna play with a Cintiq.


I have the same trouble, too. Colors appear different in different applications. I can make notes for an animator on something in Photoshop, but when they open the file in mail, the colors are markedly changed, usually muted.
If you come up with a solution, let me know.

David N


I'll send you something that Eddie Pittman gave me on how to handle color profiles in Photoshop. Look for an email from me later today...

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