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your fat bunnies are GENIUS! :D I love your animal characters!

Goldenrod Fox

Gah, your style is so cute!


Maybe the cute redheaded bun is his girlfriend? :)

I love these critter sketches! XD They're fantastic!!!

David N

Well, that's a happy thought , but probably that cute little redheaded bun would tell him "I don't think of you that way ; I think of you as a pal ... can't we be 'just friends' ?" ;-)

(but seriously, thanks for the compliment on the critter drawings. I like yours , too.)


I dunno. In my personal experience, unlikely pairs are much more common than likely ones. He looks charming enough - she might just might be one of those people who happen to adore chubby lil' critters like him. (I know I certainly fall into that category. *laughs*)

As for what he's /really/ happy about? He just won himself a truck full of carrot cake. *Grins*

Ken Chandler

My question is... who's he sitting on? Funny stuff.

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