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bobby pontillas

Great, cute drawing. How was working with Nik Ranieri?

David N

Working with Nik was great , one of the best experiences I've had working on a movie. His stuff is so inventive and subtle , it's really interesting to work on. I think it's interesting to have watched him transition to the CG world and how effortless he makes it look. However, I'm hoping he'll pick up a pencil again one of these days ...


How cool is this! Great site!
I found you through the Mirage forums. I thought it was a hoot that we both have a Django Pandora Station. Love your Bunnies!

David N

Welcome from the Mirage forum. Most of the drawings I've posted here since April of 2006 are drawn with Mirage. I started this blog at the urging of a colleague who suggested I should blog all the little Post-It™ note doodles that I typically would do during production meetings, etc. for relaxation, just "silly bunnies and other fluff" , for a lark.

However, most of my drawing, doodling or otherwise, is done on a tablet these days, Cintiq or Intous, and my preferred drawing tools are Mirage or TVPaint. (not to get into the unpleasantness between Bauhaus and TVPaint , who are all swell folks in my opinion, but I can still use my employer's Mirage license at work on a Mac G5, but I recently installed TVPaint on my home computer because when I upgraded my home computer to one of the new, super-fast Intel processor Macs I found to my great disappointment that I could no longer use my Mirage license on my new Mac :( If you're a Mirage user and a Mac (IntelMac) user you know the whole sad story ...

Anyway, glad you found the blog and yes, I love Django !


Hey, thanks for the welcome to the Mirage forums! Yet I must admit I've been using Mirage and poking my nose into the forums for over a year. I totally agree the IntelMac issue must be a total drag. All us PC folks should get together a fund drive to help folks like you afford boot camp. I'd donate.


Hey thanks, i just noticed your comment on my "Ghost Rider". I was really tickled pink when Bauhaus chose it for their current featured gallery image. I would love to animate it, a horse run cycle may be a bit of a challange. I'm in the process of moving out of State, so I really won't have much time to do that sort of thing until i get settled.


Wow! This a great blog! A new favorite. I love that you've drawn with Mirage and a Cintiq. I wanted to see what someone with your skills could do with that setup.

Very inspirational stuff here. Please post more. I had to listen to some jazz from one of your station while browsing.. It just seemed right.

David N

Thanks for the encouraging comments, RichToon. In the interest of fairness, the recent images titled "Morbidly Obese" , "Corpulent Coney", "Redhead Bun", and "Only 100 Pounds to Go" were drawn with TVPaint , using the Cintiq tablet. The raccoon in the post "Begone Dull Care" was done with Mirage. I think the Meeko drawing above was also TVPaint. As you know , Mirage and TVPaint are very similar, both being based on the program written by Hervé Adam and others at TVPaint Developpement .

Again, without taking sides in the unfortunate legal dispute between Bauhaus Software/Mirage and TVPaint Developpement, I have been imprecise in my use of the names Mirage and TVPaint interchangeably (although they are quite similar) .

Priscilla Kennedy

Love it ,just love it

great job, I hope that some day I can be half as good as you are.

Great Blog ,

They have so much personality


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