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Hey Dave,
These are great. Obviously, I am floored by the sheer power and energy of the drawings. But I also have a sort of technical question. The prespective on her snout/muzzle area gets really pronounced when she gets close into the camera, like you were using a 30mm lens. It's really accurate drawing. Was that planned during layout? Was it just Rune's uncanny talent?
I often find that I tend to draw with a 50mm lens in my head and forget the power of wide angle.

David N

Tim ,

You're very observant ... Rune did that on a number of scenes, so he was either consciously thinking of how the "camera" would introduce that sort of subtle distortion or he intuitively drew it that way ... I never actually sat down and talked to him about it , so I'm not completely sure. My approach was to stick as closely as possible to his rough animation, pushing it ("plussing it") wherever I could in small ways, but this sort of animation subtly is the result of , as you say, his uncanny talent because it wasn't in the layout drawings. Rune may have discussed it with Bob and/or Aaron (i.e. approaching the scenes as being shot with a certain type of lens, to get that effect).

Christian  Slade

Hi David! Great post and blog. Just found it. This reminds me of some truly excellent days working on Brother Bear with you. Hope you are well.
-Christian Slade


Hi David,

This post was excellent and I'm always excited at seeing the intricacy of clean-up drawings. When I saw Koda's mom, it was something i realised as to her sheer volume and mass. I was wondering whether you could post other clean-up drawings you may have done as I tend to be fascinated looking at their detail and linework. Great post.



Hey Dave,
This is Lippy (Filmation Lippy).. Your linework is as tight and gorgeous as ever! Thanks for the post.

paul briggs

Rune is a freak of nature!
Beautiful clean ups -

patrick mate

Great assistant job,super clean up drawing.I have to see this scene again to enjoy the full impact.And it always help to work with a animator who can draw.Take care David

kevin barber

Glad you posted these Dave. These drawings , both clean up and roughs were a marvel to see in person. Truly masterfull work by both disciplines. Boy i miss those days when we were privy to works of genius on a daily basis. I got to work on a few Kodas mom and Griz scenes with you and treasure the experience.


Thank you very much both to created and animated Tug, my favourite bear ever!

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