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michelle houston

Wow, you have some wonderful stuff here. I'll bookmark you for sure. You do beautiful work.Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.


Great drawing, Mr. Nethery! I can smell the tobacco! (Cherry almond, unless I miss my guess)

This looks so effortless, but I can see many subtlties that really make this sing above the average great drawing.

For instance, the white band on the pipestem is at the perfect spot so as not to create a tangent with the line of his cheek.

Great stuff, man!
- T


Hey! I just ran across your blog here - Your drawings are really nice. Thank you for sharing all of the information about classic hand drawn animation!


Hi There!
Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. As far as animating my ghost rider image goes....hopefully I'll have time in the not too distant future to get on to that project. I've taken a bunch of footage at a local gymkhana event for reference. I'd love to animate the entire song.
I noticed you worked for Disney. My son worked for Disney for a few years in the 3d dept.
Thanks again for your comments, I love your blog and your taste in Pandora Stations.
AKA Mandalaholic


P.S. I just added you to my list of links.


Hi, found your site through Cartoonbrew's comments, & I really admire your work. The bunnies are amazing!!

diego cumplido

hey! thanks for the name of the "Motor Mania" cartoon...

I found it on you-tube, its actually a quite funny cartoon...

you seem to keep a good blog here! I don't have time to read it now, but I'll put an eye on it soon.

thanks again.



Impressive blog!! I'm a fan!

patrick mate

Great blog,very cute drawings .

sarah forrester

Beautiful drawing, you're my hero! :) I hope your contentment lasts a while! Its a nice feeling.

David N


Thanks so much for the nice comments. I really appreciate it.

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