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kevin barber

Very cool demo. I'm curious as to the differences in this program vs Painter, Photoshop, or Flash.

David N


The main difference between TVPaint and something like Photoshop or Painter is that TVPaint is a set of drawing and painting tools (like Photoshop) attached to an animation system, so there is a timeline or an exposure sheet for organizing/timing the drawings. TVPaint also has EFX nodes like particle generators and the ability of do effects and motion graphics with text over imported live action footage. There is a keyframer and multiplane camera node to do camera moves.

kevin barber

wow. Sounds like all 3 Adobe programs with After Effects combined. I'll try the demo. Thanks Dave


I really dig your character design. It has a sketchy roughness to it that splatters the character with personality. I will link your blog! Keep posting!


Superb link this delineate. I have test it as soon as possible with my TV paint drawings. Thanks for sharing!



you krazee wizz kid! hahaha! you keep amazing the multitudes eh?

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