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Hi, dave,

just wanted to say hi and the work looks great.


Tim Hodge

Great work David! I always enjoy using liquid paper as a medium and not merely a correction fluid. Almost as much fun as when Harald Siepermann uses coffee to tint his sketches!

Matthew Kalinauskas

Nice stuff, I like it alot!



Post-it note sketches are the BEST.....but I'm some what biased, as I am a Post-it note office thief. Eh.

Hmmmm....I haven't tried out Liquid Paper in a while, looks like a trip to Staples is order!

Love the drawing, Dave! And thanks for the comments!

Robert  Dress


Happy holidays



i like post-its and i like this post-it!!!

David N


Thanks . Your Post-It drawings are amazing ! I'm glad you dropped by and now I know about your blog .

Everyone else,

Thanks for the nice comments . I have been busy over the holidays and hadn't been paying much attention to this blog so that's why I didn't respond with a "Thank you" before . I did post some stuff over on the Other Blog: The Inkling Chronicles but need to get some new drawings up here. Maybe soon.

x-ray fluorescence

Great work.I always enjoy using liquid paper as a medium and not merely a correction fluid!!

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