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Love the ink work! And the color is a lot of fun. Great work, as usual!

Matt Williames

Hi David! Just read your comment over on my blog, and yes, it is confirmed that Disney is going 100 percent paper on "Princess". It's a major victory, but I know they still are developing their own software for the next films.

Scotland Barnes

Cool David! You keep making TvPaint look better and better. Do you do clean up in that with a vector line? or is it pixel pushing like in Photoshop?


I love this whole TV Paint and digital clean-up craze, looks fantastic. Would love to see some more of your traditional clean-up!!

Great work, keep it up!

David N


TVPaint is a bitmap application, so yeah, it's pixel pushing, not vector.

If vector is desired for the final line art it is possible to export the clean up drawings from TVPaint to something like ToonBoom and use the "Import & Vectorize" function in ToonBoom to vectorize the line art .


Nice stuff Dave! Love the expression!


David, you were right, TVpaint has a DIVINE brush tool, IT-IS-GLORIOUS! Layers are working great, layer restrictions are amazing, this program *sniffs* i all an animator and sketch artist would ever want...Aside from the moving around the screen which can be a hassle if not well shortcutted, that program is so, sooooo sweet.

Yet ill still have to try a demo of toonboom 4 or digital and Digicel flipbook. Have you had a chance to toy around with them?

Richard Gaines

Dave, come on! Post some new work! I love it!!!

Marco Milone

Hallo, I can't find you other website. I like you read my blog. It'about animation and visual arts, too.
Marco Milone

Lauren Andersson

Hi David,
Thanks for you comment! You have some really inspiring and beautiful work here. I really hope to work in 2D feature one day... Also I like the way TVPaint draws as you've shown, I will have to try it for my next animation!


Your drawings are really cool, but I just wondered how you get such smooth lines in TVPaint? I Have a Cintiq tablet and am experimenting with TVPaint but can't get my lines as beautifully clean as yours!

Olivier L.

nothing more substantial still? ;-)

David N

Sorry, Oliver .

Best laid plans have gone astray ...
Not enough hours in the day.

I'm doing some online teaching to earn my daily bread and I had an extra class this semester that's keeping me busier than usual. It's fun , but not something that I was totally prepared for , so it's kept me playing catch-up for the first couple of months .

Geez, I haven't posted here in a long time ... I should put something up .

(guilt, guilt , guilt ... )

David N

Andy wrote:

" just wondered how you get such smooth lines in TVPaint? I Have a Cintiq tablet and am experimenting with TVPaint but can't get my lines as beautifully clean as yours!"

Hi, Andy,

I guess I would have to say that I've practiced a lot with the Cinitq and with TVP . The learning curve was a little bit steep . Took me a while . The main thing I do is work at 2k film resolution and for clean-ups I'll zoom in close on lines to be able to lay down a really smooth line . I also use the rotating "virtual disc" feature in TVP a lot so I can turn the drawing to comfortable drawing angles while I'm drawing my clean up lines.

Sorry, that's not very specific . Practice, practice, practice , is what it comes down to I suppose.

sabrina Cecchini

I love the characters you have. You've inspired me to want to try cleaning up one of my animated pieces. Are you working with a Cintiq or a Wacom?


cute character!

David N

Hi Sabrina,

You asked what tablet I'm using : it's a Cintiq tablet. Application is TVP Animation. I also use ArtRage2 . Sometimes when I'm away from my studio I also use an Intous 3 tablet.

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