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Tim Hodge

Brilliant, brilliant brilliant!

Thanx for posting, Dave!

Enough Talk! Now we fight!


Dave, thanks for the comment. B says hi. :) Kellie was just out here last week and your name always comes up when they start talking about talented animators.

The studio is currently working on ideas for a 2nd 2D film (after Princess/Frog). So, there's hope for the return of hand-drawn. Everyone's crossing their fingers.


Naré-Krel Lis

Hello David,
I just found your fascinating blog. I'm currently an animation student(emphasis on drawing and 2d) at AAU.
I just saw Kung Fu Panda yesterday at the Metreon and I was very surprised by the ending credit animation. I was extremely happy when I was able to watch it again here.
I also went to the Powell building yesterday because I was curious about an educational discount for TVPaint. I was told to contact TVPaint but also you. Not so long ago I saw that AAU students could get a TVPaint student discount, but now it requires a code.
Is there still a discount for AAU students?

Douglas Ferreira

This Kung Fu Panda dream sequence was indeed a dream!amazing animation!
I happen to know mr Rune Benicke,and he is always telling me about the Key Cl-up you did on brother bear,I am glad I found your blog,I will be adicted,that's for sure!
best wishes David!

Robert  Dress



We are looking for a character designer/ animator who could help us on an animated character (a raccoon) that we use to make pre-school activities accessible to children with a hearing impairment. If you would be interested in helping us out, please e-mail us at: [email protected]
Thank you,
Thea Eaton


I can exist without animation but I cannot live without it.
I'm your big fan.

Michael Andrews

I cam to this page randomly..but i love the artwork, unfortunately the lin is down now but I am a year late.
all the best.

Kung fu shoes

Yeah, i see the link is down too..oh well, great artwork.

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